13,000 homes

The world we live in faces some major challenges, from climate change to plastic pollution to equitable access to resources. There are reasons to be pessimistic about our future, of course, but there are fantastic reasons to be super optimistic about our future, too, and they don’t get the headlines they should. I want to tell you our story…I hope you’ll see we absolutely can make this world whole again. Pono Home is now 5 and a half years old, and has

Introducing Pono Home Essentials

Here at Pono Home, if you’ve had one of our technicians come out to help you green your home or even just to do a free audit, we feel like you’re part of our family – our PonOhana as we like to call it! You know our values and our commitment to people and the planet. That’s why we want YOU to be the first ones to know about some exciting new products we are launching. We’re calling it 

Buy a T-Shirt, Plant a Tree and Green a Home!

Show your commitment to sustainable living with an organic cotton Live Pono T-shirt! All proceeds from T-shirts sold will go toward our Live Pono program and provide free home efficiency services for teachers, first responders, farmers, and civil service volunteers. Through our T-shirt sales, and our Patreon page, we collect money from supporters interested in helping fund home eco-upgrades for teachers, farmers, and other wonderful and giving people in our community that earn less than they deserve. We pool the money

Greening Homes for Teachers and Farmers in Hawaii

We launched our Live Pono program and Patreon page in March this year, and thanks to our generous funders, we have greened our first home for a local Hawaii farmer! Teachers, first responders, farmers, certain volunteers and students are keystone members of a thriving and livable society, and yet earn less than many careers that don’t contribute as much to our society. Our company has been fortunate enough to have the support of an energy conservation program in Hawaii

Accelerating Access to Energy Efficiency in California

In November 2017, Elemental Excelerator announced the Just Innovation Prize, a $100k funding opportunity for three EEx portfolio companies that were looking to accelerate access to clean technology in some of California’s low-to-moderate income neighborhoods.  They requested proposals for projects in CalEnviroScreen 3.0/ disproportionately-polluted and low-income communities in California that increase access to clean technology and provide economic opportunities. We are excited to have been one of three cohort companies selected for the