Live Pono: free home eco-upgrades for teachers and  farmers! 

Teachers and farmers are keystone members of a thriving and livable society, and yet earn less than many careers that don’t contribute as much to our society. So we decided to give back! Teachers and farmers – if you are just here to sign up, feel free to skip to the bottom!

How’s this work?

Through our Patreon page, we collect money from supporters interested in helping fund home eco-upgrades for teachers and farmers in our community as a way of giving back. We pool these small recurring monthly donations and when we have enough to green a home, we contact the next teacher/farmer on the list.  We green the home, at no cost to the resident and at no profit to us.

We provide 100% transparency on the flow of money. Our average invoice to green a home is less than $500, and for our paying customers, we guarantee it pays for itself quickly in terms of lower utility bills or they get a refund, so you know it’s an effective scope of work. Sustainability is not so difficult, but getting it into the homes of individuals that need it most is a major challenge without outside funding.

Wanna see a case study? Check out the job at teacher Claire Fallon’s house, including the eco-impacts

Who qualifies to get a free eco-upgrade?

  1. Full time teachers. Anyone teaching at a K-12 school, no matter the subject, grade, or whether it’s public or private, is qualified to participate. We <3 teachers, and feel they simply don’t get thanked enough in our society.
  2. Full time farmers. These wonderful people are creating local food systems that feed people, rebuild soil (which removes carbon from the atmosphere), and create green jobs. Priority will be given to certified organic farmers.
Claire Fallon, a teacher, who lives at a farm and helps on the farm, received a free eco-upgrade thanks to our sponsors, and should save more than $4,000 over ten years!

How do I sign up?

Simply fill out the form on the bottom of this page!

Other Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Are there any “hidden fees” for the teachers/farmers?
    Absolutely not.
  2. I’m interested in signing up to support this program. How will we know how the money is being spent? 
    100% transparency is provided! Each quarter, we’ll post information about this program into our newsletter. It will detail how much money is in the pool currently, the people we’ve served, the programs we did at their homes, and what our plans are going forward. Again, here’s our Patreon page. Thank you!
  3. Does everyone in the household have to qualify? 
    No. Just one adult member of the household. If you have one insurance salesperson and one teacher, you’re still good.
  4. How is the money spent and what’s included in the service? 
    You can get a general sense of what we do here. Nothing is “required”. The resident participating in this program can pick and choose from among the offerings we have. If they want a particular LED or to get their window better insulated, great, if not, all good, we move on to the next item. Our labor is billed at a discounted rate of $40 per hour, and materials are installed at a guaranteed lowest retail price. Simple!

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