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Want to save money? Reduce your footprint? Live in a healthier home?

Request an audit from Pono Home and see the many ways your home can cost you less, be healthier and greener. During the audit, we will assess issues causing you to spend too much on your utilities in a 100+ point checklist: appliances, electronics, lighting, building envelop, leaks, and much, much more…

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When you green your home, you win: lower utility bills, more independence from the grid, and it’s healthier, too. But you’re not the only one who wins. By greening your home, you help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which are disrupting ecosystems globally and causing people to flee their homelands after prolonged periods of drought, catastrophic flooding events or other major climate disasters. It’s a virtuous cycle, and we are grateful to you for being a part of it.

Our mission is to make sustainable living accessible, easy, affordable, and convenient for all.

Our vision is to spread the ideal of “Living Pono”: treating others and the environment with respect. We envision sustainability champions around the globe helping their communities become resilient, self-reliant, and sustainable, one business, home, and family at a time. We see a Pono Home as a healthier, greener, and more comfortable place to live that is good for you, your neighbors, and the planet.

In 2013, our founder Scott Cooney was running a different startup, Important Media, one of the world’s largest sustainability media companies (currently with over 4 million page views monthly). One of the blogs in the Important Media network was Green Living Ideas, which showed people how to live greener, happier, and healthier lives with lower impact on those around us. Between GLI and Scott’s background in green startups (he authored Build a Green Small Business: Profitable Ways to Become an Ecopreneur, a McGraw-Hill book), an idea was formed–to create a replicable business that would allow sustainability champions to own their own companies wherever they were, greening homes and lives, making a difference in their communities and globally, while also earning a living. If you’re interested in owning a business like Pono Home, check out for more information.

Pono Home began greening homes in earnest in 2014, and was selected for the Go To Market track of the Elemental Excelerator (then called the Energy Excelerator), one of the world’s largest clean tech incubators. The rest, as they say, was anything but history, but this little startup survived its early tumultuous years and now has greened more than 13,000 homes across 6 Hawaiian islands.

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