We help customers take strides toward having a truly “pono” home. But no company can provide a fully comprehensive service, and every company working to green homes may have a different specialty. We offer these partner companies marketing services to reach high net worth, eco-conscious customers.

Partnership Opportunity #1: Canvassing

Pono Home regularly pounds the pavement. If you’re interested in having us distribute marketing materials for you, let us know what neighborhoods and zip codes you’re most interested in, and we can add your materials to ours and introduce potential customers to your products and services. Cost is calculated on per-home basis, and is more cost effective even than direct mail campaigns.

Partnership Opportunity #2: Warm, qualified leads

Why send your own salesperson out to visit a potential job site when you can just get all the data you need from us?¬†Let us know what criteria you’re looking for, and we’ll ask customers that qualify if they might be interested in talking with you. It’s simple and highly effective. Costs are calculated on a per-lead basis.

Partner with us

If your company services homes and small businesses and you’d like help with your marketing and outreach efforts, contact us today to find out just how affordable and effective our completely customized programs are.