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Pono Home offers customized, in-home services to save you money and make your home healthier. Our service is

  1. guaranteed to pay for itself in 2 years or less or you will get a refund. See our very simple terms here for all guarantee info.
  2. 100% customizable and completely up to you, so you pay only for those things you want to upgrade, and for nothing else. Many of our offerings come with up-front Hawaii Energy rebates, so you can simply choose to do all the free things and nothing else – 100% up to you.
  3. billed in time and materials so it is easy to understand with no hidden costs.

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Scope of Work

Toilet leak fix: Pono Home will attempt to fix a toilet leak if one was found during your audit. Often this is a simple fix, but until we dig in, it’s impossible to tell exactly where the leak is happening. If we find the problem is a big one that requires a professional plumber, we will let you know and not charge for any materials used during our attempted fix.
APS: you will be given an Advanced Power Strip and shown how to install it to help protect your electronics and save wasted electricity.
LED retrofit: LED lights save 90% of the energy and produce the same light, and nowadays come in every type, dimmability, and color imaginable.
Fridge coil cleaning: we’ll clean your fridge coils, which should be done regularly anyway, which helps keep your fridge running as efficiently as possible.
Fridge or oven seal repair: the seal on your fridge and/or oven was found to be leaking, so we will repair or replace it to save your electricity and your food.
High efficiency water saving fixtures like aerators, showerheads, pull-tabs or flow valves: We offer only well-rated, highly pressurized devices engineered specifically to use less water while having little to no detectable difference in user experience. Luxuriate in your eco-friendly shower, wash dishes with multiple spray options…the new high efficiency technology is money! We would *never* do anything low-flow. It’s simply a different and much better technology.
Clothesline installation: we have multiple options, and you should be pleased with your new way to dry your clothes for free and with no footprint. Also, it saves your clothes!
Dryer vent, sensor and trap cleaning: we will clear clogs and buildup throughout your dryer’s exhaust system.
HVAC algae mitigation: we will add nontoxic cleanser to your HVAC system to reduce the growth of algae, mold and other biological hazards.
HVAC intake: we will clean the intake system to allow your HVAC to operate more efficiently.
Weatherize windows: we will seal up leaky windows to keep the conditioned air inside.
Weatherize doors: stormproofing and other weatherization helps keep conditioned air inside and reduce infiltration of moisture into your home.
Attic door and recessed can insulation: to prevent thermal transfer with your attic, we’ll insulate recessed can lighting and attic doors if we found them to be unsatisfactorily insulated during our audit.
Water heater pipe and tank insulation: insulating water heaters and pipes reduces heat loss, meaning you spend less heating water for your showers.
Rebate and appliance research: we will research the options you have to get the biggest bang for the buck on larger upgrades such as upgrades for water heaters, fridges and the like.
Thermographic home analysis: we will conduct a thorough thermal imaging of your homes doors, walls, and windows which can help uncover major losses of conditioned air.

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Cancellation Policy

Pono Home understands if you need to cancel or reschedule your service. If you do so more than 48 hours ahead of your service, there is no charge. However, if you cancel after that, we charge a rescheduling fee of $49. Please understand, there is a lot of preparation work that goes into each service, and we are on a tight time budget. We apologize for the inconvenience.