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Pono Home offers customized, in-home services to save you money and make your home healthier. Our customers have seen their utility bills drop so much that in some instances, our service pays for itself within a few months.  Our service is billed in time and materials so it is easy to understand and has no hidden costs. Since it is 100% customizable and completely up to you, you pay only for those things you want to upgrade, and for nothing else.

We’re so confident that we back up everything–if you do not save enough on your electric and water bills within 2 years, we’ll refund the labor cost. And if you find a better retail price on a product we install in your home, we’ll match it. This excludes sales, temporary, or seasonal prices…just the regular retail price, of course.

Over 6,000 customers and a 100% customer satisfaction rating.
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Pono Home can perform a basic green audit of your home, including testing for water leaks, air drafts/insulation leaks, vampire power loads and lighting system efficiencies, and then assessing your major appliances for potential improvements, maintenance or upgrades.

Pono Home Audit Services

Once we’ve determined the best solutions for your home and you’ve decided on what you’d like to do, Pono Home will send you a proposal that includes a completely customized sustainability service, and calculations to show you how fast you’ll earn your money back through utility bill savings, how much carbon pollution you’ll be keeping out of the air, and what that’s equivalent to in terms of planting trees or taking cars off the road. (Our calculations are from methodologies developed by the EPA and Hawaii Energy’s Technical Reference Manual.)


When we come to your home, we bring an assortment of efficiency hardware items with us, including LED light bulbs, faucet aerators, advanced power strips, timers, power strips, showerheads, and the like. We present options, and if you want any of these items installed, we charge you the equivalent of the retail price to install the item, and that includes purchase, delivery, and professional installation.

LED and other efficiency installations

Maintenance and educational services

The service includes maintenance services like cleaning refrigerator condenser coils, setting energy saving settings in dishwashers, fixing toilet leaks, snaking out dryer lint vents, and the like. If you have other appliances (HVAC, water heater, etc.) on site, we offer a la carte services to test, maintain, and optimize those appliances. Thus, our service is very practical for renters of studio apartments, but can easily scale up as far as needed, including multi-family housing.

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We’re now into our fourth year of business and have serviced over 6,000 homes, and happy to say we haven’t had a dissatisfied customer yet. Find out why people are raving about Pono Home, and schedule your service today!

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Cancellation Policy

Pono Home understands if you need to cancel or reschedule your service. If you do so more than 48 hours ahead of your service, there is no charge. However, if you cancel after that, we charge a rescheduling fee of $49. Please understand, there is a lot of preparation work that goes into each service, and we are on a tight time budget. We apologize for the inconvenience.