The world we live in faces some major challenges, from climate change to plastic pollution to equitable access to resources. There are reasons to be pessimistic about our future, of course, but there are fantastic reasons to be super optimistic about our future, too, and they don’t get the headlines they should.

I want to tell you our story…I hope you’ll see we absolutely can make this world whole again.

Pono Home is now 5 and a half years old, and has made powerful impacts during that time. We started as a home efficiency service provider – a kind of green handyman service – and we’ve now eco-retrofitted more than 13,000 homes and small businesses, and audited many more.

We’ve made some incredible positive impacts.
Every year, we are saving:

Can you wrap your head around 11 million pounds of carbon pollution per year simply…disappearing? How about 230 million gallons of water just…not used?

And we are NOWHERE near done. In fact, we are just getting started.

Interested in doing what we do? We are consulting to help people everywhere start efficiency businesses. Check out for more info.