Dear Pono Hawaii, I just completed a 5-Star review on Yelp (via google), regarding the excellent service which Pono Hawaii and Grant Herbert provided during my home visit today.  Grant was very professional and courteous, and

Noreen N.

Do it! You’ll save money and your lights will be brighter. Your shower head will be better!

Jean Toyama

Board MemberKukui Plaza

We are very happy with Anthony, he was courteous and friendly. He explained the products and worked quickly throughout our house. Everyone should welcome this program because it was very easy. 

Anela and Mike

Tropicana Manor

Pono Home has our highest recommendation for teaching about energy and water efficiency and showing tips and tricks to reduce waste of both. Scott visited today and we were immensely impressed with his friendly professionalism


Military community resident

Pono Home is a no-brainer. It simply and affordably targets the mass market where other clean energy technologies cannot go. Home owners and renters see instant savings in utility costs without major lifestyle changes with the

Steve Haumschild

MBA, Angel Investor, Consultant and Serial Entrepreneur

After watching the Pono Home service, I am now a lot more aware of where my electricity is being used unnecessarily. Both at work and at home, now, we can start saving money and energy

For the challenges that face the world today: an energy crisis, a climate crisis, and socioeconomic crises, Pono Home delivers a home run.

Zach Shahan

Site DirectorCleanTechnica

I was impressed by the many tips and insights that Pono Home had to offer for “greening” my condo. It was a friendly and productive consultation that comes with practical advice for improving your health

Stuart Coleman

Hawai‘i ManagerSurfrider Foundation O'ahu Chapter

Sarah, my technician, went above and beyond. She was courteous, kind, and very knowledgeable. She explained everything to me, told me ways to be more energy efficient and green tips, changed out the faucets and shower heads

I would highly recommend this to everyone who has an interest in living healthier and saving money. I have a solid understanding of practical ways to reduce my energy use (a Ph.D. in engineering and

Thanks so much for checking our home, educating us and giving us new habits to work on. We have been making progress by making changes in our water consumption and using less hot water, turning off

The Pono Home team of employees have been very professional and I highly recommend them and encourage other AOAO’s to take advantage of this excellent program.  As one owner who was looking over the flyer

Valorie Lambert

Resident ManagerThe Park at Pearlridge

Jennifer did an amazing job of assessing my home and making it more energy efficient.  It was a great experience!

Frankly, this might be the best deal on the island. Everyone should look into having Pono Home do a service. You will earn back the cost (already very reasonable) pretty quickly with a lower utility