I would highly recommend this to everyone who has an interest in living healthier and saving money. I have a solid understanding of practical ways to reduce my energy use (a Ph.D. in engineering and a faculty position researching renewable energy), but I was completely impressed with the depth of thought that Pono Home went through the major areas of my home with. I’m extremely happy with the lower energy costs I will be incurring from now on along with the reduction in carcinogenic chemicals in my home. We made a series of small changes and recommendations which will save me money immediately, which is highly impressive considering my low energy consumption lifestyle and the fact that I’m a one person household. Even with my meager electric bill, I calculated that the money I’ll be saving will pay for the Pono Home service in 2-3 months, and afterwards, it’s just money in my pocket. The savings for bigger homes and families I bet would be far greater.

Scott Higgins