What will your FREE Pono Home service look like?


  • Diagnostics on water heaters
  • Fridge and oven seal checks
  • toilet leak checks (to save water and prevent mold)
  • A/C check, including filter, coil condition, and condensate line


Learn how much electricity your devices are using!

We work directly with you to show you ways you can save energy and live healthier, not just while you’re in a managed home, but for the rest of your life. Take full advantage of our passion for sustainability, and learn some great ways to live better and save money…for life!


We do the home maintenance work for you. Among the services included in this free service, we:

  • clean condenser coils on refrigerators
  • vacuum lint traps on dryers
  • snake out the lint vents
  • clear condensate lines on A/C units and water heaters
  • set and optimize solar hot water heaters
  • and much, much more!

Many of these services also have the by-product of improving your indoor air quality, too!


LED lights use 90% less electricity!
  • LED lighting
  • Advanced power strips
  • high pressure/high efficiency shower heads
  • High pressure/high efficiency faucet fixtures

We will install these energy and water saving upgrades and let you see how they work. If you don’t like them for any reason, no questions asked, we put back the old fixtures! To date, we’ve installed more than 4,000 high efficiency fixtures for Hunt residents, with documented savings of 10-15% on utility bills. Additional added benefits include more hot water for your family, better light quality, and convenience.

Get Pono

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** Please note ** Until further notice, our contract with Hunt is on hold. But you are welcome to still sign up, and we’ll get to you when and if the service is resumed.