We’ve proudly served over 1,000 DHHL families!

Save 10-20% on your utilities with free eco-upgrades!

Pono Home is performing its efficiency services for DHHL residents and families, free of charge, thanks to generous funding from the Public Benefit Fund and Hawaii Energy.

The service may include eco-upgrades to LED lighting, high efficiency water fixtures, and the installation of advanced power strips that save electricity and protect your electronics. You get to “test drive” any of these products, and if you like them, you keep them, and if you don’t, we put the old ones back, no problem! The results will make you very happy!  You should save you 10-20% on your utility bills immediately and in a long-lasting way.

The program is 100% free for DHHL residents, but funds are limited, and this program will be prioritized on a first-come, first-served basis. To set up your free service, simply fill out the survey below and one of our staff will reach out to you shortly. 

*This program is paid for by Hawaii Energy. Hawaii Energy is a ratepayer funded conservation program regulated by the Public Utility Commission, and all funds for the program come from the Public Benefit Fund, meaning it is 100% free for you! The program’s funding allows us to replace any incandescent or halogen bulbs with free LEDs.