Green Living Ideas Book

Green Living Ideas for Your Pono Home

Learn hundreds of ways to green your home, in an easy to follow, pictorial format with clear explanations of how much you could save. Highlights include:

  • Money saving tips and tricks to reduce how much you spend on your utilities and your carbon footprint WHILE improving your quality of life. No sacrifices–just useful strategies. For instance: pre-measure your water when you’re making coffee or tea. It not only reduces the amount of time you have to wait to enjoy your beverage, it also reduces the amount of energy wasted boiling extra water (which then reduces your utility bill).
  • a resource chart of the most toxic ingredients you may find in your personal care products so you can do a sweep of your home and eliminate harmful chemicals
  • a chart of the most common GMO ingredients in food products, in case you want to eliminate them from your pantry
  • DIY natural personal care ingredient recipes
  • ways to save money on gasoline expenses

Written by the founder of Pono Home, Scott Cooney. His focus–saving you money while saving the planet.

“Throughout this book, Cooney offers straightforward tips on improving (y)our environment. It’s never been simpler to upgrade your home through reduced utility bills and better health for you and your family.” 

-Jeff Mikulina, Executive Director, Blue Planet Foundation

Softcover available now for just $6.99, including shipping anywhere in the U.S.

PDF version available now for just $2.99!