Pono Home offers a 100% money back guarantee on labor costs for your home service. If we do not save you enough money in one year to make up for the cost of our labor in our service, we will refund you the money upon the following conditions.


  1. We love and trust our customers. We know no one will abuse this guarantee, but politely ask that you not request a refund if you have made any significant alterations to your home environment that would’ve created more demand during the prior year and offset the savings our service created for your home. This includes extra people moving into your home, incorporating an electric vehicle, adding irrigation to your yard, adding an additional refrigerator or freezer, and the like.
  2. During the initial service, you must allow us to upload a copy of your latest electric and water bill, showing data for the previous year’s energy and water consumption.
  3. Upon the one year anniversary of your service, if you believe that you have not saved money equivalent or equal to the cost of our labor during the initial service, you may email info@ponohome.com with a copy of your latest energy and water bills.
  4. No refunds will be issued as part of this guarantee for the cost of materials, including, but not limited to lights, water fixtures, advanced power strips, timers, and other hardware; educational materials such as books and magnets; repair items like toilet flappers; or any other physical product we have sold and/or installed.
  5. No refunds will be issued on labor that was done for any of our services that do not affect energy and water consumption, including, but not limited to garden work, toxic personal care ingredient sweeps, GMO ingredient pantry sweeps, and other similar services.

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