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We offer a 200+ point checklist for greening your home, including:

  • diagnostics and optimization on major appliances to keep them running smoothly and efficiently
  • maintenance including cleaning of dryer vents and refrigerator condenser coils, and much more
  • beautiful LED lighting upgrades that look amazing, use 80-90% less electricity than standard bulbs, and have no mercury
  • energy and water leak checks and fixes
  • education to green your home, including a check on toxic ingredients common to personal care products

…all completely customized to your home and your life.

Contact us today for a free estimate, and get started on your path to healthier and greener living.
Direct: 844-GO-PONO-1  (844-467-6661)

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Please note: we are not conducting energy audits. HERS certified energy audits use depressurized blower door and infrared camera technology, and can identify structural changes that can help you save money on utilities, but these audits focus almost exclusively on the building envelop, realistically apply only to homeowners, and can cost thousands of dollars for the improvements. While we believe energy audits are extremely beneficial and valuable, we take a different approach: we work with everything inside the building envelope, to provide you and your family the knowledge and ability to save money and live healthier–regardless of whether you stay in your current house, and regardless of whether you own or rent. 

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