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Decreased utility bills   *   Healthier indoor air   *   Fewer toxins in your home

Regardless of whether you’re a renter or homeowner, Pono Home can help make your home healthier while also saving you money with our personalized, in-home assessment that can immediately help reduce your utility bills, remove toxins from your home, and make you and your family more comfortable.

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Save $1,000’s on utility bills! (See our testimonials from happy customers saving money!)

  • Learn how much energy your appliances are using and ways you can cut down
  • Let us install some super cool clean tech gadgets that can save you piles of money
  • Learn energy and water saving tricks and habits for the whole family
  • Reduce your gasoline bill with our fuel saving strategies

Improve the health of your home.

  • We can do a GMO sweep of your cupboard, identifying likely GMO ingredients in the foods you use
  • Learn about and eliminate the most unhealthy food and personal care ingredients
  • Learn about healthier and more efficient food storage
  • Learn how to read food labels effectively
  • Learn how to reduce bacteria without using chemicals
  • Learn how to avoid nasty chemicals like Perc, PFC’s, and VOC’s
  • Improve indoor air quality

Our mission is to help you keep more of your own money and live healthier–for life!

Contact us today, and get started on your path to healthier and greener living.
Direct: 844-GO-PONO-1

Please note: we are not conducting energy audits. HERS certified energy audits use depressurized blower door and infrared camera technology, and can identify structural changes that can help you save money on utilities, but these audits focus almost exclusively on the building envelop, realistically apply only to homeowners, and can cost thousands of dollars for the improvements. While we believe energy audits are extremely beneficial and valuable, we take a different approach: we work with everything inside the building envelope, to provide you and your family the knowledge and ability to save money and live healthier–regardless of whether you stay in your current house, and regardless of whether you own or rent. 

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