Pono Home is proud to serve our military service members!

Through partnerships with military housing management companies, Pono Home provides a service to help green military housing, including energy and water efficiency, healthier indoor air quality, and even fuel efficiency in your vehicle. Depending on your housing management company, this service can be free of charge for service members.

What does a Pono Home military home service look like?


We clean the condenser coils on your refrigerator, saving you money while eliminating hard-to-reach dust from your home.

We provide maintenance to the appliances in your home to help them run as effectively and efficiently as possible. Among the maintenance offerings we provide as part of our service, we clean condenser coils on refrigerators, vacuum lint traps and lint vents on dryers, clear condensate lines on A/C units and water heaters, set and optimize solar hot water heaters, and much, much more. Many of these services also have the by-product of improving your indoor air quality, too!


We install energy and water saving fixtures throughout your house if you’d like to have them. In many cases, these fixtures bring substantial savings on utility bills without you even noticing they are there. Examples include high pressure/high efficiency shower heads, faucet aerators, flow valves, smart strips, timers, power strips, and point-of-use usage guides. The housing management companies we work with cover the cost of these products as well as installations up to a certain pre-set limit. Contact us for more details on this.


We gather data and do assessments on appliances like toilets, water heaters and A/C units in order to detect any potential problems before they arise. This can help us to head off unnecessary spending on inefficiencies before they start costing you money.


We work directly with you to show you ways you can save energy and live healthier, not just while you’re in a managed home, but for the rest of your life. Take full advantage of our passion for sustainability, and learn some great ways to live better and save money…for life!

Get Pono

To get a service done at your home (and/or to inquire if your management company will cover the cost), simply click here to email us or give us a call today at (844) 467-6661, ext. 1.