What is a Pono Home franchise?

Home efficiency is a virtually untapped market, and one of the true “low hanging fruit” in our quest for a cleaner, more sustainable future. Becoming a Pono Home franchisee means you get to have a positive impact every single day making homes more energy and water efficient. Work with your hands, help people, see immediate fruits of your labor, and make the world more sustainable! Check out our video below, for more info.

Note that we are only franchising in the United States at this point. However, we do consulting to help people start their own home efficiency companies using many of our time-tested strategies. Click here for more information

With each service you do, you:

  • cut people’s electric, water, and gasoline bills
  • reduce carbon footprints in a significant, tangible, and long-lasting way
  • help people identify and eliminate GMO and petrochemical ingredients in their food and personal care products
  • educate people to live greener, regardless of whether they stay in their current home or move out


What does a franchisee get?

Pono Home is committed to growing and supporting an army of sustainability champions that can change the world, one house at a time. Being awarded a Pono Home franchise territory gets you:

  1. training with an existing Pono Home franchisee to get you up to speed
  2. education through Pono Home University that will make you a green home champion in no time
  3. a wickedly cool toolbox filled with all the tools you’ll need to get the work done (we love tools!)
  4. uniform polo shirts with the Pono Home logo embroidered on them
  5. a pre-baked marketing plan based on our experience running Pono Home here in Honolulu over the last year and change. Concepts that work and will help you find customers will be detailed for you, and you’ll have access to all the promotional materials you need
  6. Software that makes your job on-site as easy as following a checklist, while also accumulating data from your work into a central database
  7. Multiple revenue streams that can help create a solid income with residuals!
  8. Inventory management, restocking, and processing of things like lightbulbs, showerheads, etc.
  9. localized resources for e-waste disposal, CFL recycling, and the like
  10. and, of course, the Pono Home brand

How do I get in?

Contact us if you’re interested in finding out more.

phone: 844-GO-PONO-1

Thanks, and we look forward to working with you!

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