Company President (Las Vegas)

Job Summary

Company president will manage and provide leadership to all employees of Pono Home. This position is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Occasional travel may be required.
Along with the CEO and CMO, President will regularly co-create the vision and 3, 6, and 12 month plans. President is responsible for company execution of those plans. President will at all times maintain responsibility for timely and professional fulfillment on all company contracts and deliverables. President will hold larger vision in mind and make that vision clear to all staff members. President will assign duties, tasks, and responsibilities to staff members based on their skill sets, interests, and job roles so as to complete the overall project plan in the most fluid, professional, and efficient manner possible.
President will hold weekly one-on-one meetings with key staff members (at this point, CEO, CMO, Innovation Director, and Project Manager – HI) to provide guidance and support as well as final approval of tasks and projects assigned to those staff members.
Key Responsibilities 
  • President will develop business in new company mainland office location. This will include signing up channel partners to align lead generation revenue streams, residential sales, direct sales on services to commercial properties, and sales to property management companies with fleet housing.
  • President will be fully trained to perform home services as well as any commercial offerings Pono Home performs. President will work with Innovation Director to consistently enhance service offerings and profitable business opportunities.
  • President will perform in-home services in the Las Vegas area for sufficient time to develop recurring revenue customers and streamline local marketing and business development efforts. The primary goal will be to maximize the effectiveness of these aspects of the business, so as to form replicable models that can be incorporated across franchisees in different geographies.
  • President, along with CMO, will recruit, hire, and train service technician in the Las Vegas office to take over home services once a critical mass of business has been achieved there. This decision will be made in concert with CEO and CMO and mutually agreed upon at that time.
  • President will seek opportunities to present the Pono Home opportunity to investor groups and to groups that represent good target markets for building a pipeline of franchisees.
To apply, please send a resume and cover letter to

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